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The Current host Teamwork in-studio 2020

The Current is a livewire and a pipeline tapping into the moment. Highlighting new music from across today’s spectrum each week, host Teamwork scours deep and wide for the fresh and the now. Now dig in and meet the tastemaker behind this show’s pertinent playlists in a Show Spotlight interview.

(The Current airs live Thursdays from 12 – 3 PM.)

What can you not stop listening to these days?

For the most part, throughout the week, I only listen to the type of music I play on The Current. Due to the format of the show (new music) and the length of the show (three hours), I’ve obligated myself to anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a week of new music listening.

How long have you been hosting The Current? What drew you to take on this show?

The Current will be celebrating its three-year anniversary in January 2021. I was co-hosting a show with a friend for a while in 2017 and became a regular on the air. I ended up getting certified to be a programmer right around the same time that my current time slot was being vacated by Mother’s Ruin host, Stephanie. Several years prior to becoming a programmer, I had aspirations to program this very show with this exact format: new music. I just didn’t know how to get involved. But I met the right person who plugged me in. The timing could not have been better.

For those who may not be familiar with the show, how would you describe its sound/feel?

The Current doesn’t adhere to any specific genre, but rather new music (good music – by my standards). If it’s an artist being blogged about, tweeted about or generally doted upon by rock critics and music nerds, it’s something I’ll listen to myself. The common genres you might hear on The Current are Electro-Pop, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Pop Punk and Garage, or half the bands you’ve never heard of that sell-out the Neurolux.

Any interesting story behind the show name or your deejay name?

FULL DISCLOSURE: Teamwork is a self-imposed moniker that predates The Current almost 10 years. I wanted to form an Electro-Pop dance band called Teamwork. The band never happened (though I wouldn’t rule it out!) but the name kinda stuck and people started calling me Teamwork. It was a no-brainer to use it as my DJ name.

(An aside: when I first was given the opportunity to have this show, Wayne Birt, the boss of the programmers, questioned whether or not I should continue to go by Teamwork. He was like, “Are you sure you wanna use that name?” and I said, “Do you not want me to use it?” Haha. I think he’s warmed up to it.)

Do you have a ritual surrounding your show? (A certain meal or an artist you have to play on your commute?)

The only pre-show ritual I have is coffee. I used to get a donut before the show and realized I didn’t even want it – I was just doing it out of tradition. A stupid reason to consume so many calories every Thursday!

Also, it’s not a tradition but I always check in on several blogs before I go on the air, just to see what’s new that morning. I always open the show with a short instrumental track called “Mambo No. 6” by Barely March. Although, that song could change soon.

When did you discover Radio Boise?

I discovered Radio Boise through a friend when I first moved here eight years ago. She directed me to Radio Boise with the intent of encouraging me to get a show of my own. Years later, it happened!

What other kinds of things keep you busy your life [outside of radio]?

When I’m not on the air, I’m probably watching baseball, at a show or hanging out at home doing the crossword. I subscribe to the newspaper because I’m slowly turning into my dad!

Why do you believe volunteering for community radio is important?

From my personal experience in volunteering with Radio Boise, I’ve had an absolute blast the last three years hosting this show. I leave the station after a great show with a terrific sense of satisfaction. It’s so rewarding to meet people in the community who listen to the show regularly, religiously, even. I’m always encouraged when meeting complete strangers in the community who are fans of the show and appreciate the mission of Radio Boise and support what we are doing.

Teamwork’s The Current airs Thursdays from 12 – 3 PM.

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