Show Spotlight: The Uncertain Radio Programme

DJ Dusty C hosts The Uncertain Radio Programme on Radio Show.

DJ Dusty C interviews Porlolo on The Uncertain Radio Programme during Treefort 2018. Photo by Arlie Sommer, host of Sleepwalker.

Genre-less but not genre free, DJ Dusty C’s show harkens back to the mythical days of “anything goes” radio of our colonial forefathers. Catch this exhilarating and surprising expedition every Saturday afternoon from 3-5 PM or anytime on Radio Free America’s archive.

We caught up with DJ Dusty C to see what makes him tick and what The Uncertain Radio Programme is really all about.

What can you not stop listening to these days?

Funkadelic, Nap Eyes, Snail Mail, Faces, Bosq, and always Curtis Mayfield

Do you have a ritual surrounding your show? You know, a ritual meal or a certain artist you have to play?

Not really. When I did The Soul Party [my former show, now hosted by DJ Feelings on Sundays from 12– 2 PM], the biggest rituals were the conversations I had with Jason from Spoonful and Dr. Fresh from Sunday Sound System before and after my show. It’s pretty much the same [now, but] with Brian Boru [Global Grooves] and Sadie Mayhem [Femme Fatale] on Saturdays.

How long have you been hosting The Uncertain Radio Programme? What drew you to take on this show?

Even though I loved the Sunday Soul Party (and still do!), I knew I needed a personal and musical change to stay fresh DJing. Changing shows also coincided with a long pause in DJing out in clubs as well.

Over the years I’d subbed other shows on Radio Boise over fifty or sixty times, so I’d already been hopping genres. When I started The Uncertain Radio Programme a year ago the idea was to be genre free, but not genre-less. Ultimately it was about being selfish, because now I play whatever I want every week, but I do try to play a lot of new music.

For those who may not be familiar with your show, how would you describe The Uncertain Radio Programme’s sound?

TURP’s overall sound is pretty random, but definitely not haphazard. One week it might be dancey, the next pretty rockin’, and mellow the next… it’s pretty much a reflection of what I’m listening to that week in my personal life.

How did you discover Radio Boise?

I’d been a DJ and volunteer at several community and college radio stations in the past and found out about Radio Boise when I moved here in the Summer of 2011 from musically-minded friends. I started to volunteer that Fall and started The Sunday Soul Party in January of 2012.

What other Radio Boise shows do you listen to?

I listen to Radio Boise daily, if not hourly, work permitting… [laughs]

I feel unfair to my fellow DJs to not name EVERY show, but I still love listening to the Sunday lineup! I also love hanging out at home on Friday nights listening to the station.

What other kinds of things keep you busy outside of radio?

I’m a bicycle guy. I’d rather be on a bike than in a car! I work with kids teaching bicycle and pedestrian safety and I am an advocate for the same in my personal life.

I moved here for the mountains, and to quote Norman Maclean, “I am haunted by waters.”

Why do you believe volunteering for community radio is important?

ALL volunteering is important. Most, if not all, of the good in the world would slow to a trickle if not for volunteering. Radio Boise is vital to the cultural and intellectual community in the Treasure Valley. The area would be less if not for it and I’d probably leave if it was no longer around.

Finally, what sounds do you find yourself inexplicably drawn to?

At the end of the day I still love a good hook and an interesting beat…

DJ Dusty C hosts The Uncertain Radio Programme on Radio Boise live every Saturday afternoon from 3–5 PM.

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