Radio Boise is the greenest radio station in Idaho

Radio Boise believes in going green and to prove it, we’re now broadcasting with 100% renewable energy, thanks to the support of our partner Idaho Smart Growth.

Our main radio transmission is now powered exclusively by electricity sourced from regional wind and solar energy producers. We’re supporting renewable energy by purchasing renewable energy credits from Idaho Power’s Green Power Program to match the electricity used for our radio transmission.

Here’s how it works: Green power is available at a slightly higher rate through Idaho Power’s Green Power Program. The cost premium is covered by Idaho Smart Growth, a statewide nonprofit working to help Idahoans make great places to live. I-S-G is happy to help Radio Boise be the greenest radio station in Idaho, and to get the word out about green power. Radio Boise’s shift to green power means we are keeping 41 tons of CO2 out of our atmosphere each year — the equivalent of taking 7 cars off the road.

Let’s keep going green!

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