August 2023 Update

Well, would you look at that: It’s August. Still scratching your head wondering what happened to July? Us too. All we can suggest is just to roll with it and look ahead to the next couple of months — because we have some great stuff just around the corner.

First Thursday Open Station at Radio Boise Aug 3

We welcome you in to our home away from home in the basement of the Alaska Building in downtown Boise for an Open Station on First Thursday. Radio Boise’s station manager, Nichole Marie will be there to show you around, share some food and adult beverages for those 21+. Come see what a community radio station is all about from 5pm-8pm. First Thursday in Downtown Boise

August 12 – Soul Food Fest

First up, we’re only two weeks out from Boise’s annual Soul Food Fest. A pro tip for this one: wear elasticated pants. A ridiculously delicious assortment of African-American-inspired soul food awaits you, so expect to eat and keep eating. After that (assuming you’re still capable of bipedal motion) dance about to an eclectic line-up of great local music. Or if that sounds a bit too vigorous, you can always sit in on a workshop or two, learn more about African-American history or get to know some of the amazing local Black business owners in your community. Seriously though: stretchy pants. Soul Food Fest

National Radio Day August 20

Radio Boise is celebrating National Radio Day and looking for your support throughout the day on Sunday, August 20th and we want to know, What is your left end of the dial discovery story? When did the power of freeform radio hook you? We want to know! We’re looking for listeners to tell us the story of their “wow” radio moment. Look for how at, our facebook page or an email coming to your inbox soon! National Radio Day, Sunday August 20th, a celebration on Radio Boise. Your station, your story. National Radio Day

September 8 to 10 – Boise Pride

Get sparkly! The Pride Festival returns to Boise in September. Get ye to the city with your rainbow flag held high to celebrate the full, fantastic diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities this world of ours has to offer. Thirty-four years celebrating unity in diversity: that’s something worth celebrating! Of course, there’s the parade itself, indisputably boasting Boise’s highest yearly concentration of artificial eyelashes per capita. But there’s also a relentlessly fabulous lineup to enjoy of performers, music, food, and generally cool people. Boise Pride

September 22 to 24 – Flipside Fest

Hot on Pride’s sequined coattails, you’ve got the Boise Flipside Fest. Picture more bands than you can shake a hotdog at jamming to every genre imaginable. Season that with a walking interactive gallery of live art displays by a ton of talented local artists. Then let all that simmer in a slow-bubbling cocktail of good food and drinks. It’s unstoppable. We won’t say “see you on the flipside” because that would be cheesy … but we’re thinking it. Flipside Fest

Now for some Radio Boise news.

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”–Winston Churchill

A new underwriting manager joins our team

We’re delighted to report that Jared “The Manimal” Bostrom will be stepping in as our full-time Underwriting Manager. The Manimal (for so he is known) will also be collaborating with our volunteer DJ Santamia to keep our social media channels churning out pithy updates and our community engaged.

What can we say about Jared? Amazing energy, never not funny, creative as the day is long, and a laugh that could divert low-flying commercial aircraft. Here’s a pic — and no, contrary to the vibe, he’s not being inaugurated as crown prince of Belgium. Email Jared, Radio Boise’s Underwriting Manager

The less fun side of change is when people move on. We’ll all greatly miss Kellina, who had been in charge of our social media program. Fortunately, Kellina is on to great things. She’s still active in the climbing community and, as always, playing an exultant cello. She’ll be missed around these parts.

Sunday Soul Party now becoming Filet-of-Soul

We also have an update about our long-running show, Sunday Soul Party. The vibrant soul segment will live on!. We’ll never be able to fill the considerable shoes of DJ Feelings and DJ Dusty C., but Radio Boise is committed to soul music. Each Sunday at 1 pm, we’ll keep playing the best of Soul, Funk, R & B, deep cuts, new and old, on Filet-of-Soul. With a rotating cast of hosts, we’ll keep your Sunday afternoons as easy as a summer breeze. Join us from 1 to 3pm.

DJ Feelings with headphones on a bus.

Sadly, we’re saying goodbye to the longtime host of Sunday Soul Party, DJ Feelings. It’s the end of an era. Holly started volunteering in 2011 when she answered phones during our first radiothon and pitched with Jeff Abrams on Two Ducks. She first appeared as a guest on RadioBoise during the internet-only days on a show with StephaniePC and KathyO. Then Holly subbed in first for Dave Foster’s Filovision and then officially started DJing her own show in 2015 when she inherited Sunday Soul Party in 2017 from and has an ardent community of fans and listeners. She was honored as our volunteer DJ of the year in 2019.

Ugh, where to begin with DJ Feelings? Holly is lovely and stylish. Her cheerful personality is only eclipsed by her love of cats and the limitless coolness of her taste in music. We will all miss you at the station. Eight years of your voice wasn’t enough.

And that’s it for August! To sum it all up, just grab some elasticated pants for SoulFest, and you should be fine. We hope you keep listening, and as ever, we’re grateful for your support.

You keep our voice loud, independent and strong.

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