Radio Boise started broadcasting on 89.9 FM on April 7, 2011.

Our new studio space (designed by architect Rob Thornton) is complete! This state-of-the-art, multiple studio facility is located downstairs in the Alaska Center at 1020 Main Street in downtown Boise.

New studio equipment (technology/acoustic design and installation by audio engineer/producer Jason Ringelstetter of The Tonic Room) constructed one of the best sounding radio stations in the valley. This audio IP-based system incorporates latest generation audio mixing, industry standard stereo processing for FM/Internet, first class microphones, and high fidelity monitoring speakers. The control room is a pleasant environment for DJs and their guests to produce their programming. And our spacious 24 channel live recording studio is one of the nicest spaces in the Northwest for musicians to perform a live on-air set.

Transmission equipment including a microwave transmission dish has been wired up to the roof of the Alaska Building. All cables have been pulled, terminated and tested. We are now beaming a signal out to the transmitter facility which is within line of site of the roof, in between a couple of buildings here in downtown Boise.

The transmitter site (south of Ontario) is located atop 4000′ Owyhee Ridge. We have installed our transmitter and antenna there. The transmitter is located inside a small 20′ long building at the base of a tower where the receive microwave dish and main transmission antenna are mounted.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Kickstarter studio project to fund all of these efforts. We accomplished our goal!

Check out these historic photos of our launch:

Transmitter staging (March 2011)

Alaska Center Basement Studio Site (Dec 2010)

Radio Boise is a community radio station, dependent on volunteer programmers and local community financial support. Our aim is to be a media source for the wide range of people and communities in our listening area who are not well served by existing media outlets.

We rely on the Radio Boise Community Advisory Board (CAB) to give us feedback on the impacts of our programming and operating decisions on these communities.

Radio Boise Milestones

  • March 2002: First Board established
  • April 2002: Preliminary technical feasibility analysis
  • February 2003: Obtained preliminary tower space agreement
  • March 2003: Incorporation/501C3 status recognized
  • April 2003: “100 Founders Campaign” initiated
  • May 2004: Initial broadcast testing, signal strength surveys
  • October 2004: Received federal planning grant from U.S. Department of Commerce
  • July 2005: Launched 24-hour Internet broadcast and initiated local issues oriented programming
  • February 2006: Carriage agreements with KRFP (Moscow) for distribution of “Sagebrush Variety Show”, “Idaho Skies” and “Outside The Frame”
  • July 2006: Live broadcasts from Record Exchange, Fall for Boise, Worldfest
  • November 2006: Amy Goodman benefit event
  • September 2007: Board expansion
  • September 2007: Awarded grant from Idaho Humanities Council/NEH
  • October 2007: Filed broadcast license application with FCC
  • January 2008: Awarded grant from Boise City Arts Commission
  • January 2008: Filed settlement agreement with FCC obtaining “singleton” status
  • February 2008: Filed U.S. Department of Commerce “construction funding” application
  • March 2008: Awarded grant from Fund for Idaho
  • April 2008: Granted construction permit from FCC authorizing terrestrial operations on 89.9 FM
  • September 2009: Awarded grant from U.S. Department of Commerce PTFP grant program
  • April 2010: Awarded grant from Idaho Women’s Charitable Foundation
  • April 2011: Begin terrestrial operations on 89.9 FM