Radio Boise is a community radio station. Our volunteer programmers strive to provide quality local programming for the wide range of people and communities in our listening area who are not satisfied by existing media outlets.
What is non-commercial radio?

Non-commercial radio is a public service that should benefit all people and support a diversity of voices. It is supported by grants, donations and underwriting, not advertising.

What’s the difference between Community Radio and Public Radio?

Community radio brings people in a broadcast area together through locally oriented programming. Radio Boise is not affiliated with NPR.

Radio Boise is affiliated with the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Why would people donate their time to Community Radio?

We believe in local independent media that promotes democracy, public service and cultural diversity. If you do, too, please join us.

What kind of programs are on Radio Boise?

Radio Boise features locally-produced music shows plus programming on the arts, culture, affairs and issues that are not well represented in other media offerings.

What is this noise? You call this music?

It’s likely that the type of music you hear on Radio Boise is not represented in mainstream media. But keep tuning in. We bet you’ll find something you like.

You call that a music show? I could do better than that.

Bring it on! All of our programmers are volunteers with varying levels of radio experience. If you have an idea for a show that you think the people in this community would enjoy, we’d love to hear about it.

What is that speaker going on about? I don’t agree with that point of view.

Radio Boise aims to promote freedom of speech – especially for voices that don’t get heard elsewhere. It’s always good to try and see things from another perspective.

How is Radio Boise funded?

We get some funding from grants. But mostly we survive on the generosity of individuals and organizations in this community. This would not be possible without everyone pitching in.

How can I help out with funding?

Donate on this website, come to our events and fundraisers, participate in membership drives, have a house party, network with others for their support or contact us about corporate underwriting.

I want to get involved. What can I do?

Volunteer, help us raise funds, listen and make suggestions and tell your friends about us.

I am a recording artist. How do I submit my stuff?

Send a link to your media to music [at] radioboise.org.

I am with a non-profit organization. Can you help me with a Public Service Announcement?

You bet. Send us some info about your org. What are you getting the word out for? When is it happening? We’ll work with you to develop a PSA and put it on the air.

How do I submit a suggestion to improve Radio Boise?

Send us a note to info [at] radioboise.org.
Consider joining our Community Advisory Board