Community Advisory Board

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Radio Boise is a community radio station, dependent on volunteer programmers and local community financial support. Our aim is to be a media source for the wide range of people and communities in our listening area who are not well served by existing media outlets.

We rely on the Radio Boise Community Advisory Board (CAB) to give us feedback on the impacts of our programming and operating decisions on these communities.

Radio Boise Community Advisory Board Guidelines

The Community Advisory Board is a permanent entity of the Boise Community Radio Project.

1. The Radio Boise Community Advisory Board exists to provide advice and recommendations to the BCRP Board of Directors regarding the station’s programming, community service and the impacts of station decisions. The CAB is critical to ensuring that the station is meeting its educational and cultural mission.

2. The BCRP Board through its Executive Committee appoints and releases CAB members. CAB membership is voluntary and not compensated. There are no term limits. The CAB may choose its leadership and meeting structure.

3. CAB membership should reflect the diversity of the community served by Radio Boise. This is accomplished affirmatively by recruitment by the BCRP Board, staff, other CAB members and by open appeals for nominations on the air and the website. BCRP board and full-time staff members may not serve on the CAB, but are encouraged to attend its meetings.

4. The role of the CAB is advisory only but is extremely important to the success of the station. Members of the CAB are encouraged to attend meetings and to participate in CAB activities, and may be released for non-participation.

5. The CAB meets at locations and times of its choosing, at least twice a year. Meetings of the CAB are public and announced in advance on the station’s website and on the air. Members of the public shall be accommodated at the CAB meetings and provided an opportunity to offer input.

6. These guidelines may be amended by the BCRP Board of Directors.

If you are interested in serving on the CAB, please complete the application above (be sure to hit “Submit” at bottom of application).