Community Advisory Board

We are now accepting applications!

This is your chance to be heard. Radio Boise is building a brand-new Community Advisory Board to receive input on what you think KRBX can do to better serve the needs of our diverse listening audience.

We’re looking for passionate, community minded KRBX listeners to help guide our efforts to tell local stories, amplify local voices, play incredible music, and keep us connected to our friends, family, and neighbors in Boise and beyond! In order to encourage outside, independent recommendations, we’re looking for listener’s who are not current Board members, staff members or active programmers. We are also looking for a diverse membership representing a broad swath of our community.

Radio Boise’s Community Advisory Board meets 3-4 times a year to give feedback on the station’s programming, policies and how well we’re serving the information, entertainment, cultural and educational needs of the many communities that listen to our station. While the advisory board does not exercise any control over the management or operation of the station, it is a wonderful way to get involved and help shape the future of your community radio station.


We ask that you consider the quality of KRBX’s programming, our goals, our policies and other ways the station engages within the community and share your thoughts on how KRBX is doing.

These meetings will culminate in a bi-annual report sent to the Board of Directors for review. One member of the CAB will be selected by CAB members themselves to be the chairperson. The Chair of the CAB will help to relay information and coordinate with the Board of Directors.

Being a member of the CAB or even the CAB chairperson isn’t a lot of work. But, it is a role that we hope members of community are excited to fill. After all, we are community radio. That means we need to hear from our listeners to make sure we remain responsive to the ever-changing needs of the communities we serve.