Music Attribution

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Radio Boise would like to acknowledge these fine artists for the generous use of their music under our various projects. All the below music has been approved utilizing a Creative Commons CC BY, or CC BY SA license or by Artist Permission.

Albis- Biggie
Andrew Huang- Upbeat
Apprehensive at Best- Biz Baz Studio
Audionautix- Acoustic Guitar 1
Bad Snacks- Summer in the Neighborhood
Bisou de Lenfant Sauvage- Just Need a Walk Under the Lights of the Boulevard
Bobby Renz- Deserts
Bruce Michael Miller- Everywhere
Bruce Michael Miller- Pavlov’s Dog
Clean Break- Density & Time
Dan Bodan- At the Precipice of a Dying Light
Dan Lebowitz- All Hail to the Queen
Dan Lebowitz- Mysteries
Dan Lebowitz- Parkside
Diamond Ortiz- 8 Year Anniversary
Diamond Ortiz- Mirror Mirror
Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions- Da Funky Rapsta
E’s and Jammy Jams- You Had To Be
Everet Almond- 800 Lives
Fatal Injection- Invisible Sun
Francis Piere- Classique
Kevin MacLeod- Acid Jazz
Kevin Macleod- Hustle
Midnight North- Ealrle’s Bar Room Rocker
Midnight North- This Is a Jazz Space
Mise Darling- No One
Nat Keefe the Bow Ties- Sally Goodin’
Nctrnm- Render Me
Noir et Blanc Vie- A Typical Ride Out
Noir et Blanc Vie- Fonkee Ryde
Noir et Blanc Vie- Skewls Out
Noir et Blance Vie- True Art Real Affection Part 2
Otis McDonald- Wolf Kisses
Patrick Patrikios- One Life
Quiet- The Mini Vandals
Quincas Moreira- Redwood
Quincas Moreira- Scratch the Itch
Quincas Moreira- The Creek
Quincas Moreira- Wicked Things
Ramzoid- Static
Riot- Pressure
Roljui- How About Noh
Rondo Brothers- Not the Only One
Sarah, The Instrumentalist- Outside Visitors
Silent Partner- In The Garden
Silent Partner- Swamp Stomp
Single Friend- Can’t Lose a Friend If You Have No Friends
Single Friend- Joining An Activity Group
Spazz Cardigan- Thoreau
Speedy Gray- Hawthrone 1
Tea for Tat- Verified Picasso
Text Me Record/Grandbankss- Realism
The 126ers- Honey EMilk
The 126ers- Lovely Afternoon Breeze
The 126ers- Rainy Sundays
The Mini Vandals- Periwinkle
Track Tribe- Drive In
TrackTribe- Seatac
Vibe Mountain- Operatic 3
Wayne Jones- A Quiet Thought
Wayne Jones- Mr. Sunny Face

(as of 01/01/2020)