Show Spotlight: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors on Radio Boise

DJ Sage steps out from the smoke and beyond the fun house illusions for a straight on look at passion, peace of mind and the peculiar sound palettes worth embracing. Meet the extraordinarily dynamic host of Smoke and Mirrors in this Show Spotlight interview.

(Smoke and Mirrors airs live every Monday night from 10 PM – 12 AM or listen anytime on-demand with Radio Free America’s archive.)

How did you discover Radio Boise?

I listened to and supported Radio Boise even before it became terrestrial in 2011. I remember Dave Foster interviewed me and my bandmate to promote our DIY album when Radio Boise was online stream only. I’ve always been attracted to alternative forms of media, especially non-commercial, free-form radio. As time went by I listened more and more and eventually got involved.

How long has Smoke and Mirrors been on the air? What drew you to take on this show?

This coming October will be four years doing Smoke and Mirrors.

Almost five years ago I filled out a Radio Boise show proposal to be a DJ and originally wanted to do a Vaporwave-based show. Soon after, I was welcomed to be a co-host for The Return of the Disco Witch Hunt for a year to train.

During that time I discovered what music I had/knew more of and always deeply loved: Post-Punk, Psych Rock and so many others! I had the idea of Smoke and Mirrors far before conceiving of having my own show. I wanted to audibly create a space that was dark, mysterious, yet also colorful and mind altering.

For those who may not be familiar with your show, how would you describe its sound?

It’s a cohesive journey that takes you many places via the propulsion and energy of Punk, Post-Punk, Industrial and Electronica; the atmosphere of Garage Rock, Shoegaze, Lo-Fi and the mind altering effects of Psychedelic Rock, Krautrock, Avant-Garde and experimental.

All things must contain some kind of intensity, beauty, transcendence or weirdness. Smoke and Mirrors is an accumulation of all those things, including Vaporwave, Witchhouse and their sub-genres [all rooted in] dark and psychedelic soundscapes…. If my show doesn’t trip you out, I’m not doing my job!

Do you have a ritual surrounding your show? You know, a ritual meal or a certain artist you have to play?

My goal every week is to try to eat a good meal and spend quality time with loved ones before I do my show. Peace of mind and good energy sources are essential to creating a good show. If I’m enjoying doing my show, then you will enjoy listening to it!

What can you not stop listening to these days?

I’m always searching and listening to music, and it takes quite a bit of my time, but it’s the air I breathe. Old and new Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Post-Punk and their sub-genres are the entities that I will never be able to put down.

Without having to list a bunch of bands that keep me glued, let’s just say I always keep my eye out for releases from record labels such as Dais, Artoffact, Fuzz Club, Sonic Cathedral, Erste Theke Tontraeger, La Souterraine, Finders Keepers, Bureau B, Sacred Bones and Volar Records.

What other kinds of things keep you busy in life [outside of radio]?

I’m a very busy mom. I embrace creativity and its vast manifestations. I’m a chef for 3 Girls Catering. I play keyboards for a local Boise Psychobilly, Surf-noise band: Rodeo Screams. I admire and love creating mixed media art forms that include painting, sewing, collage, video, photography, etc. I’m a cat lover, tree hugging, dirt worshiper, and nature is my cathedral.

What other KRBX shows do you listen to?

I embrace all the DJs at Radio Boise for their volunteering contributions, unique styles and curations. I can’t deny my favorites though: It’s Now Right Now, Strange Feeling, Drift Correction, Guilty Pleasures, Sonic Mushroom Cloud, Country Jesus & The Extraterrestrial Highway… just to name a few.

Why do you believe volunteering for community radio is important?

I think volunteering and giving of yourself for a higher purpose is an essential part of happiness. It just so happens that music is also essential to my wellbeing. Synergistically with the fact that community radio does so many great things for our society: for artists, musicians, activists, conservationists, etc., volunteering for Radio Boise has become a huge chunk of who I am and am honored to be a part of it. I’m that music nerd who will always be searching for great music, and I am passionate about sharing that greatness with the world.

Smoke and Mirrors airs Mondays from 10 PM – 12 AM.

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