Show Spotlight: The Rapture

Nichole Marie Albertson, KRBX Music Director

Nichole Marie, host of The Rapture and station Music Director, scours KRBX’s music library. Photo by Arlie Sommer from Double Dutch Photography.

The perfect playlist can transport you to a magical place of euphoric joy. That is the mantra of this Indie, Alternative and Electro sanctuary. Let The Rapture take you away every Tuesday afternoon from 12-3 PM or anytime on Radio Free America’s archive.

Named the station’s Music Director in 2017, host Nichole Marie knows a thing or a thousand about great tunes. We tracked her down for some insight.

Do you have a ritual surrounding your show? You know, a ritual meal or a certain artist you have to play?

I ritually scour music blogs for upcoming releases, teaser singles, music videos, album reviews, artist interviews, cover songs, tour schedules, music festival announcements and good keto snacks to bring to the station on Tuesday afternoons!

I’m really liking Caroline Rose’s album ‘Loser’. Australian musician Stella Donnelly is one to watch out for, too. And I just discovered NZ band The Beths: they rock! I recently discovered a YouTube series called “Kids Interview Bands”; I think they are really on to something there.

What is going on in the Treasure Valley that you’re excited about?

The Treasure Valley has such a strong music scene lately.

Like many, I’m already looking forward to Treefort Music Fest 2019 as well as weekly live events in the downtown area. One of my favorite bands, The Soft White Sixties, are coming back [this month]. They always put on a great show. Radio Boise Tuesdays at Neurolux are always fun and a portion of the drink sales go to support Community Radio, so it’s a win-win-win! Gringo Star will be having an album release party this month, and Rubblebucket and Lizzo are coming, too.

Finally, there’s a new music venue that also serves tacos: two of my favorite things in one place!

How long have you been hosting The Rapture? What drew you to take on this show? Can you describe The Rapture sound?

The Rapture has been on the air since October 8, 2013.

It focuses is on new releases from Indie and Alternative Rock, Electronic, cover songs, upcoming live performances and a little R&B/Soul mixed in with a couple Hip-Hop tracks. Really anything with a good beat and upbeat sounds. I want listeners of The Rapture to do a little chair dance at work or in their car; my goal is to keep them motivated in the middle of the day and generally put them in a good mood.

I wanted to do this show because I love discovering new music and sharing it with other audiophiles. It’s fun talking about the bands, their influences and process.

How did you discover Radio Boise?

I discovered Radio Boise back when it was streaming online only and a friend brought me in to see the studio. It was “two turntables and a microphone” and sometimes only one turntable worked. There were only a few albums and CDs on the shelves and it was launched as the “Boise Community Radio Project”.

We sure have come a long way since then! And every day, we are working on ways to improve and help in the community through freeform media.

What other Radio Boise shows do you listen to?

I love our Public Affairs Programs such as Idaho Speakeasy, The Big Tent, Building a Greener Idaho and Beth Markley’s Vital Idaho. They’re really raising the bar on what we are trying to achieve in terms of social awareness in our local community.

There are so many other good [music] shows here on KRBX, I tune in whenever possible. To name just a few, I enjoy Jazz Beyond the Sky, Toast n’ Jam, Spoonful, Bangers and Mashups and Tennis Court Disco. (TCD host Wendy Fox was integral in getting me involved at the station: encouraging me to first come to a meeting, volunteer during a Radiothon and finally, submit a program proposal. Thanks Ms. Fox!)

What other kinds of things keep you busy outside of radio?

For the past four years when people ask me what I’m up to, I simply answer, “Hair, music and love.”

To elaborate, I am a stylist (and have been for 20+ years now), I very frequently listen to music and read about music and I fell in love with a fellow DJ who I met while recording a show promo. We recently got engaged!

Being a part of this community has truly changed and enriched my life.

Why do you believe volunteering for community radio is important?

Volunteering in your community is so important and doing it at Radio Boise is so much fun!

You feel so much more connected to your neighbors when you step out of your inner circle to learn and grow by finding out what other people view as valuable; it gives you a sense of purpose.

As a non-commercial station, we offer a non-biased voice in this world where you are always questioning someone’s motivations. We are not influenced by anyone but the community we serve.

In March of last year I was made Music Director after spending lots of my free time helping out in the music library- researching submissions and helping others to curate our collection. There are always new projects to work on; I can always use some help researching, downloading and organizing. Whether you are interested in a short term project or ongoing goals at the station, we can find the right fit for you. To help out, e-mail me!

Nichole Marie hosts The Rapture on Radio Boise live every Tuesday afternoon from 12–3 PM.

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