Year End Appeal 2021

Dear Radio Boise Supporters,

“What a year.”

If we had a new monthly contribution for every time we heard this phrase, we’d be set for the foreseeable future. The curveballs of 2021 were monumental, but through it all, the one constant was your support:

“It’s my pleasure to support the station, it does a lot for me, and I don’t know what I would have done without it during the quarantine! The only friends I had for many months were the DJs and the music they played! I got tired of TV, but never got tired of the radio! … I’m so grateful to you all for spreading the love! You all probably did more good to help people through the last year than anyone will ever know!”  Donna, Boise

We love being the link to this light. We received your calls and emails. We heard your praise and constructive criticism, some expressing relief we were still plugging along. In other words, you were there for us. Each day we see a new face or hear a new voice it gives us more proof that, at its most basic principle, people-powered radio resonates with you. Thank you for that.

As a grassroots free-form radio project, it takes great patience and perseverance to navigate a trip around the sun. But, along with its challenges, 2021 brought high points as well:

  • In the spring we broke our all-time record for a single fund drive.
  • At Treefort, moved to September after a year-and-a-half hiatus, our Radioland Stage rocked in a way we only could have dreamed of when Treefort kindly offered this opportunity many years ago.
  • Our fall Radiothon was another success, with the addition of nearly a dozen new major donors – members of our Hi-Fi Society – and we set a new record for monthly donors, sustaining us in the most structural ways. 

2022 is swiftly coming. We have many things to look forward to:

  • In January, we welcome our new General Manager, Alyssa Pearson, who has extensive experience in the local nonprofit sector. We think she’s a great fit.
  • Treefort has been moved to its customary spring slot, so look for even more ripping in-studio performances and more great action at our Radioland Stage in March.
  • Spring also marks the end of our ten-year anniversary, so look for our full-length feature documentary which will tell the story of the long and winding path we took to get here. We hope the film will premiere on a big screen. We debuted excerpts at this year’s Storyfort and it was a wild success prompting enthusiastic feedback.

If you would like to make a year-end contribution, perhaps upgrading your support, or becoming a monthly donor, we welcome and appreciate your support. As this year closes and we move into our second decade of broadcasting, it is a pleasure to be reminded what a tremendous community we have and what tremendous heart lies at the source of your appreciation for these strands of information and musical melodies that you allow us to deliver to the doorstep of your eardrums.

It’s no time to stop now.

Best Wishes,
The Radio Boise Crew
Wayne, Chris, Nichole, Jan, Kellina, Speedy, Brian

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