Workshop: Historical Storytelling Vignettes

Radio Boise is coordinating with Foote Park Project to present a five-week historical research, radio production and podcasting workshop.

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Radio Producer Olivia Weitz, in partnership with Radio Boise, is leading a workshop for participants to research and produce audio messages for an exhibit on the lives and work of Mary Hallock and Arthur Foote.

The five-week workshop, meeting 6-8 p.m. Wednesdays beginning April 18 is in coordination with the Foote Park Project, the organization designing the display, with funding support from the Idaho Humanities Council.

Besides being featured at the exhibit, audio produced in the workshop may be featured on Radio Boise’s website and in a special radio broadcast on KRBX.

In the audio messages participants are invited to share and explore the Foote’s experiences living and creating in the Boise valley and to highlight their contributions to the cultural, artistic and economic development of life in Idaho.

Living in Boise at the turn of the 20th century, Mary portrayed the desert landscape and shared the struggles and triumphs of those who were settling this area in her writings and illustrations, many of which were published nationally.

Arthur was a visionary engineer who developed plans to bring water to the desert Treasure Valley via the Boise River Irrigation Project and was well-known for his engineering innovations across the West.

The workshop is research-intensive – and we are recruiting those who have some working familiarity with the Footes or who are willing to learn. Interested participants may include those who work in heritage and cultural organizations, educators and librarians.

Workshop participants will be taught the basic radio production skills required to produce the pieces designed to be 1.5-2 minutes in length and will learn about the Footes through visiting scholars, including novelist and playwright Sands Hall and Dr. Stacey Guill.

Having worked with Radio Boise on a previous project involving the Footes, Ms. Hall will provide editorial oversight, and cast members from the recent Boise production of her play “Fair Use” may help voice/narrate the audio pieces.

The workshop is limited to 10 individual producers. Interested participants may apply online. Fees are $100 and scholarship applications are available.

This workshop is part of Radio Boise’s Voices Project. Founded in 2016, the initiative seeks to include more voices on the airwaves and to engage the community in storytelling. Participants have produced multiple narrative-driven features on themes relevant to the Treasure Valley, which are available on Radio Boise’s Soundcloud Page.

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