Show Spotlight: Tennis Court Disco

Wendy Fox of Tennis Court Disco

In her new timeslot, you can hear the show that aims to be the perfect uptempo soundtrack to Thursday evenings . . . close your eyes and imagine yourself in a movie where everything is fine and the whole world has a touch of magic. TCD will shift with the seasons but never bring you down.

We asked host Wendy Fox about her show and why community radio matters.

What can you not stop listening to these days?

I must confess that I listen to a lot of uptempo dance music these days to the exclusion of a lot of other kinds that I’ve historically loved. What you hear on my show is generally what I’m listening to during the week – discovering new tracks, plucking out the perfect older songs and weaving them all together.

What is going on in the Treasure Valley that you’re excited about?

I’m encouraged by all the culture that continues to emerge. So much great art, theater, dance, music to experience. I’m also pleased that we’re protecting our foothills from development – keeping the trail system available to everyone and the beauty of city intact. I DO have mixed feelings about Boise being listed on so many “top places” lists.

Do you have a ritual surrounding your show? You know, a ritual meal or a certain artist you have to play?

I’ve been trying to reinvent my rituals, actually. Moving my show time to Thursday evenings has been an exciting transition. I come directly from work, and I quickly try and decompress to find that quiet internal space before the show begins. A lifetime of work to stay centered and grounded as much as possible 🙂 I DO always play the same song at the opening of my show – Call Me by The New Classic Singers.

How long have you been doing Tennis Court Disco? What drew you to take on this show?

I did my first “official” show late August 2011. I initially trained to be a sub and hosted a few hours of Wayne Birt’s Sonic Saturday. Back in the early days of the station, a few people did several shows in long blocks, and I took 3 of Sonic Saturday’s 5 hours! Pretty quickly it became clear that I needed to have a show with its own identity – and TCD was born!

For those who may not be familiar with your show, how would you describe Tennis Court Disco sound?

On Thursday nights from 5-7 pm, you can be sure to hear music that inspires, encourages and gives energy to the airwaves with a hope to create a magical place to connect. There’s enough stress in the world, TCD is a safe space to tuck in and escape. The great playlists will engage you from the moment they begin through a musical experience that gets your feet dancing and your booty shaking – bringing good feels all around.

How did you discover Radio Boise?

It’s hard for me to remember, but it was back in 2005 … somehow I became aware that there was a group of people working on making a Community Radio station. We met for years around random conference tables, thinking – planning – envisioning what could be. I took a break in the middle and reconnected to the station in 2011 and haven’t turned back!

What other Radio Boise shows do you listen to?

It’s impossible to list them all – I have the radio on most of the time! What I most appreciate is the absolute quality of our DJs that curate shows 24×7. On KRBX, from early in the morning till lateeeee at night, there are so many white-hot destination shows I enjoy. I love how the sound of Radio Boise is evolving into the heartbeat of the city. I have deep respect for the time and energy that our DJ’s give to their shows, and all the extra stuff we volunteer to accomplish. When we all give a little, it makes a huge effect.

What other kinds of things keep you busy outside of radio?

During the day I get to help create digital products at another Boise institution, Healthwise, a cool health tech non-profit that’s been around since the 70’s. I wish I spent more time hiking in the foothills and riding bicycles with my friends. I’m fully in love with Twitter and probably spend too much time there. I’ve had the honor to work on costumes and sets for many Boise theatre groups.

Why do you believe in volunteering for community radio is important?

People-powered is no joke – so much of the beauty that you know of Radio Boise is because a volunteer helped make it possible. There has never been any other organization that has inspired me to give so much of my time and money to make sure it flourishes. It’s a tangible way to make our community better, and there are lots of ways you can give your time or funding to ensure the most democratic form of media is accessible to all and reflective of the beautiful diversity that is blossoming in the valley. I wish we could turn up the wattage and reach more people!

I’d encourage listeners who haven’t donated before to help us with our end of the year fundraising. If every listener that hasn’t financially supported Radio Boise gave $20 – we could help shore up our engineering needs and make our station stronger. Support Radio Boise!




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