Tuned In with Rebecca Shirrod

Rebecca Shirrod

Rebecca Shirrod is one of those folks you can’t help but immediately love. She has an infectious sense of optimism and a singular laugh that forces you into a better mood (even when you think such a thing might be impossible). You’re sure to find Rebecca and her husband, Mark, at the station during Radiothon answering phones and entertaining the other volunteers. And, as flagship members of the Hi-Fi Society, they’ve demonstrated their commitment to Radio Boise for five+ years.

When did you catch the community radio bug?

It was the summer of 2011, driving to work at 4:30 am. The music I heard was so striking, so different from anything on the airwaves that I couldn’t stop tuning in.

What is it that you appreciate about community radio?

Community radio reflects and magnifies this area of ours. I am more aware and more involved in my town than I have ever been. The underwriting spots for local businesses, the interviews with local artists, musicians, and policy makers, and the coverage of local events let me stay in touch with what is going on in my home town.

What do you like most about Radio Boise?

I appreciate the mission of Radio Boise, the people that make it happen, and the carefully curated music.

Where and when do you listen to Radio Boise?

The answer is shorter if you ask where I don’t listen to Radio Boise. The frequency is set on the kitchen radio, the stereo, my car radio, my radio app, and on my work computer. Radio Boise feels like home to me, so I listen whenever I can.

What can’t you get out of your head, music-wise?

That changes as often as I listen to the Radio Boise programs. Tennis Court Disco will get one song started, The Hip Chick will offer another, and [the recently ended] Sonic Saturday (drat) another. So much goodness.

If you could go backstage for any artist’s show, who would it be and why?

Woody Guthrie. I’d be very interested to hear his take on our current social and economic state.

Where do you see Radio Boise in 5 years?

I hope that Radio Boise will become an even bigger resource to the Treasure Valley.  I’d love the station to be able to launch a regular local news program. It would be swell if there were both local news and local gossip, wouldn’t it?


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