Into Orbit – On the Air, Learning to Fly

What a wild launch week! Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate. The signals and wires are all working as expected. Everything has happened when it needed to happen. Radio Boise has launched and we are in orbit. We’ve still got lots to do to fly this spaceship to our goal of informative, locally originated programing. Thanks for your patience while we work on automation systems, and train DJs on the new equipment. We want your listening experience to be the best sounding programming possible. A dedicated crew is working hard every day to finalize all the requirements for regular operations.

In the meantime, you may notice that we are testing basic, automated programming on the FM broadcast, and streaming a separate automated feed of programming on the Internet. The schedule reflects some of the Internet stream, but keep in mind that there may be discrepancies as we are making changes all the time to dial in the future schedule.

Your donations have gone a long way to help us install the hardware and software we needed to get on the air. We will have more equipment and system needs over the next several months, so thanks in advance for your continued support.


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