U.S. Department of Commerce awards Radio Boise $227,000 for purchase of station equipment!!!

FINALLY…we got the word!!! The federal grant funds will be used to purchase broadcasting equipment such as a transmitter, antenna and our studio gear. The 18-month grant cycle will require $75,000 in local matching dollars. Click Here for the Official Announcement.

This news cannot be overstated. For every tax-deductible dollar donated within our community, we will receive three federal dollars!

“Thanks to this grant program, Radio Boise will have a compelling catalyst for our fundraising efforts so we can begin broadcasting at 89.9 FM at the earliest possible opportunity, said Radio Boise’s Executive Director, Jeff Abrams. It will really accelerate the process.”

Radio Boise will also need to raise up to $175,000 for the first year of operations on 89.9 FM expected to begin some time in late spring or early summer.

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