Congratulations to This Year’s Radio Boise Award Winners!

As is tradition, we announced our annual Radio Boise awards during our PNYE Party!

A round of applause for this year’s award winners. These folks have helped the station through thick and thin, and we are so honored to have them on our team!

Programmer of the Year Daphne Stanford, Host of The Poetry Show, Sundays 5-5:30pm 

Perhaps no one exemplifies the spirit of Radio Boise more than Daphne Stanford. For over a decade now, Daphne has taken us on that interior journey to one of the forgotten corners of what makes up most of our station’s content (when you include our public affairs programming and much of the music we play with vocals)–words. The show that began as a humble homage to poetry is now one of a last handful of programs nationwide that hosts poets of all backgrounds, sensibilities, and levels of acclaim. The comfort and gratitude poets feel being part of this is a testament to the hard-won skills of Daphne, but also to her commitment to the essence of community radio. We appreciate her and are so proud of her that a novel seems like a more suitable tribute–but, in the spirit of her work, we’ll stick to short verse. As they say in radio, concision counts!

Volunteer of the Year Rex Parker, Volunteer Since 2022 and Listener/Supporter Since 2012

Rex Parker is a name that anyone who has been around during Radiothons over the years is likely to know. Rex is a true stereo-to-station addition to the Radio Boise Volunteer crew. Throughout the year, he has been working on projects from the Music Library, Radiothon prep and organization, and has been coming in weekly to support various efforts at KRBX. He also has been known to drop off snacks from time to time. His contributions at the station and as a listener in Radioland have had a significant impact. On Mondays, Rex ducks out early from his day job to head to Radio Boise. With a kind disposition and dedication to the KRBX mission, Rex Parker has been rooting for the station throughout the years. He also looks pretty sleek in a KRBX Yacht Rock Captain’s hat. We are honored to bestow the 2022 Volunteer of the Year award to Rex Parker!


Board Member of the Year Chelle Nystrom, 2016-2022 Board Member and former Board Treasurer

Chelle Nystrom has been a stalwart member of the Radio Boise Board of Directors since 2016, and a longtime listener and supporter of KRBX. Her accounting and financial expertise has been critical to the success of the station, and her patience, understanding, and “no-nonsense” attitude has paved the way for Board Members and staff alike. She is the first to go out of her way to help support whatever is needed at the station, she brings a calm and concise perspective to every situation, and her dedication and commitment to the growth and success of Radio Boise has been a driving force since 2016. Her presence on the board will be dearly missed, though we know she will ever be on the sidelines cheering us all on!

The Jeff Abrams Award goes to a participant at KRBX that not only contributed valued work over a significant period of time, but also altered the Boise Community Radio Project in a way that made it better in the long term. The award is named after Jeff Abrams, founder of Radio Boise and its first General Manager, who took the project from a sliver of an idea in 2002 to a full-power, terrestrial radio that serves the Treasure Valley and beyond.


Second Annual Jeff Abrams Award Jan Lindner, Underwriting Coordinator, 2015 to 2022

It’s quite possible Jan possesses the trio of superpowers that made her an ideal fit for the job: a corporate survivor’s efficiency, love for the freeform underdog, and she is a counterculture hippy at heart. In short, perfect. Jan took over the underwriting department from the founding coordinator Jodi Peterson and never looked back. She perfected relationships, established good nonprofit boundaries and solidified Radio Boise’s bottom line at a time when every penny counted (it still does). She also has great taste in music. Talk about a retirement well-deserved. We will miss her and now have a standard with which to hold the rest of us here up to at KRBX!



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