We’re Back to Full Power!

We’re back, baby!

Around 8:30pm on Wednesday, August 17, we were able to restore our transmission to full power. We were previously running on 1/6th power thanks to some technical difficulties. The issue was a feed line that we had to reroute to a smaller transmitter antenna until we received the replacement parts to make the necessary repairs. 

Thank you for your patience with 89.9FM and 93.5FM experiencing periods of static, “fuzz” around the edges, and sometimes cutting out entirely as we furiously resolved to restore Radio Boise to full power. As GM Alyssa Pearson said, in our Monthly Mixdown newsletter, it’s been quite a summer. 

Between problems with our translator receiver, cooling units failing, and modems knocked out by storms not booting back up, it’s clear that running a radio station requires constant upkeep. This also means that the station needs plenty of finances for contingency issues such as these. 

To help us continue to sustain our signal and be prepared for planned maintenance and unpredictable problems, please donate to Radio Boise online at radioboise.org. Look for our new Radio Boise Repair Fund, where you can donate to specific fixes our station needs, coming soon. Now and always, thanks to you for your unwavering support, and viva the resilience of community-powered radio!

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