Video Documentary Update!

Did you know that …

— Radio Boise is coming up on the conclusion of our 10th year on terrestrial radio?

— although we went on the air in 2011, the seeds to the project began in 2002?

— it took a literal army of broadcast engineers, carpenters, lawyers, architects and an entire assortment of weirdo, dedicated community members to make this miracle of a radio station happen?

The story is full of so many near misses, miraculous happenstances, steely vision and paranormal occurrences it would take a book just to tell the story. But we’d like to do it in two hours, in a video documentary, full of interviews, old footage, audio clips and the funny, strange tales telling the story of Radio Boise through the voices that made it all happen..

We’ve already gathered hours of video and b roll with many of the movers and shakers who made and continue to make Radio Boise. We’re on the backstretch but still need more help.

We hope to be able to debut this feature length film in summer of 2022!

You can help us fund this project.



We have an amazing video team pulling the KRBX 10-year story together.

We need your help — let’s finish this movie together.




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