Fall Radiothon October 13-27!

The number 10 has always been important in the music world. Song makers shoot for the Top 10 on the music charts. In a favorite annual ritual, everyone from writers to radio people to music fans share their 10 favorite albums of the year. And of course there’s Pitchfork’s rare and coveted 10.0 review.

KRBX Radio Boise is celebrating 10 years on the FM dial this year, and for the 2021 edition of our annual Fall Radiothon (October 13-27), we’re asking our listeners:

Why do you give Radio Boise 10 out of 10?

And speaking of giving, Radiothon is your chance to put your money where your favorite music is through a one-time donation or monthly sustaining support.

Four ways to donate:

1. Online at secure.givelively.org/donate/boise-community-radio-project/fall-radiothon-2021

2. Text KRBXGIVE to 44321

3. By phone at (208) 258-2072

4. Through the mail (check or money order) at 1020 W. Main St. Suite 50, Boise, ID 83702

Join us for a celebration of 10 years of terrestrial radio full of themed shows, special guests and all the people-powered community radio feels.

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