Signal Disruption

Hello dear Radio Boise listeners. We’ve had some disruptions with our signal at 93.5fm. It’s on for a bit, and then off again, and irregularly. We deeply apologize for the annoyance and unreliability. It’s not the level of signal that we aim to provide, but sometimes technology has a mind of its own.

Background From our Engineering Team:

After testing the entire translator system, we discovered two distinct issues with the signal at 93.5FM.

First, the dropouts are being caused by a receiver going bad. This is a small piece of equipment that decodes our signal from the microwave link and sends it to the transmitter. This piece will need to be replaced. We will be receiving the replacement next week (Aug 30–>Sept 3). In the meantime, we will unfortunately still have dropouts now and again.

The second issue is much more serious. We discovered a source of disruption from “high reflected power” coming from one of our antenna bays being out of tune and possibly damaged. We’ve removed the damaged second bay and are running off of a single bay for the time being. Our engineer is going work in his shop and attempt to retune and repair it. If it cannot be repaired we will need to replace that as well.

Like all things people-powered, your support is what keeps us going. We are working to resolve our 93.5FM issues as quickly as possible. If you can’t get 93.5 FM, please try 89.9 FM or use our mobile player at

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