What does Radio Boise mean to me in 2020?

By Doug McRoberts, Boise

What does Radio Boise mean to me in 2020? Everything.

During the spring, seeing what was happening to artists and venues – these things all became tangible to me. It was clear these things, which I loved, were in real jeopardy. I took it all personally. I started to promote all the shows I listened to. I wanted to get the word out. In the meantime, life was happening at hyper speed and not in a good way.

Radio Boise became a symbol of the antidote for everything wrong with the world. After months of witnessing a lack of empathy in response to the pandemic by the government and the people in my community and country, I had an epiphany. Radio Boise is my community now.

A community of programmers, DJs, volunteers, donors, the local art supporters/community and one of the few public platforms for social issues that are ignored by a large segment of the state’s population. These people care. Not just for themselves, but, more importantly, for the well-being of others. It really is radio by people for people and so much more. A platform not operated on the principles of greed, but one which wants to lift everyone up. I love MY community.

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