Appointments Open for New & Returning Volunteers

Ever since COVID-19 prompted Radio Boise to put a hold on our monthly Volunteer Open Houses and public events, our team has been exploring ways we can maintain connections with our community outside of our broadcast.

As Idaho reopens, our general plan here at the station is to stay about 3-4 weeks behind reopening guidelines to monitor the situation and limit the risk of exposure within our Radio Boise community. Since indoor spaces carry a higher amount of risk for spreading COVID-19, we will continue to follow strict social distancing and sanitation protocols at the station. Programmers, guests and volunteers will continue to have the option of working remotely, but we do have some opportunities to engage in person at the station.

Our goal is to continue actively working to engage with volunteers, both new and current. Chris Tansey, our Community Engagement Coordinator, has been reaching out to new volunteers individually to discuss areas of interest. We prefer these discussions be held via phone or e-mail for now.

For in-station orientations or meet and greets, new and current volunteers can make an appointment and observe proper safety precautions. Masks and social distancing are required during in-person meetings in our shared office spaces.

Want to get involved? Fill out a Volunteer Application HERE. To make an appointment with Chris, send him an e-mail.

Thank you to all KRBX volunteers! We will have exciting involvement opportunities as we progress with our reopening.

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