Schedule Update: New Shows & Times

As Radio Boise continually grows and evolves, our show schedule changes every now and again. Lately, we’ve had a swirl of updates that we’d like to share.

New shows:

*Latinoamérica Is In Tha House with Odette Zolá introduces a full range of global Latino music every Sunday from 4 – 5 PM.

*Melodious Madness with Hermit digs deep into Classic Rock and Ambient moods late Saturday night / early Sunday, 1 – 3 AM.

*Santamia’s Party of One brings pure Indie bliss to late night Tuesday / very early Wednesday from 1 – 3 AM.

Shows on the move:

*Kid Yoshida’s Country Jesus jumps up to 12 – 2 AM – when Monday turns to Tuesday – for a weekly multi-genre, multi-era music trip. (Was Tues 2 – 4 AM)

*Inner Workings with Jason Prettyboy now rises and shines with Alt Rock and New Wave goodness Fridays 6 – 8 AM. (Was Sun 6 – 8 PM.)

*The Chowdah and host Tanner slide into Sundays 6 – 8 PM with Rock and Soul from across the decades. (Was Mon 1 – 3 AM.)

New hosts and programmers:

*Effy K and Maksym join the Trancesession mix for even more hard EDM and Trance beats Tuesdays from 11 PM – 1 AM.

*Jens joins Matthew to spread dynamic Indie and Electronica vibes on Toast ‘n Jam Thursdays, 9 AM – 12 PM.


Remember, if these hours don’t work, you can always catch any and all these shows with Radio Free American’s on-demand listening.


  1. Jefferson

    June 30, 2019 at 4:02 pm

    Guess it doesn’t matter any more, but what happened to Le Show with Harry Shearer on Sundays? Just gone? (It’s okay…it’s available online…but I used to sit at home Sunday afternoons waiting for Le Show…now I’m FREE…I guess.)

  2. ChrisD

    July 2, 2019 at 11:33 am

    Hi Jefferson,

    Wanting to focus as much as possible on local programming produced in-house, syndicated programs such Le Show (as you mentioned still readily available online every Sunday morning) may be phased out in favor of more new shows with a pinpoint and diverse focus on our community.

    Thanks for following up.

    Not nearly as convenient as flipping on a radio or one click, but Le Show is housed here:

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