End of Year Notes from General Manager

2018 was a year of memorable firsts at Radio Boise.

Most of them were the kind we specialize in, from unique interviews and in-studio performances, to our first year live streaming high-quality video performances during Treefort Music Fest. It was also the first (and hopefully last) time we experienced antenna damage that significantly impacted our terrestrial broadcast. Thankfully, it wasn’t the first time our supporters stepped up to keep us strong despite a tangible challenge. We wouldn’t be broadcasting at full strength now without you, and we’re looking forward to another year of discovery thanks to your generosity.

What can you expect from KRBX in the year to come?

Arts, culture, and independent music will always be something you can count on, and our local public affairs programs have continued to expand into new directions that enhance their coverage of issues and individuals dedicated to positive change within the Treasure Valley. If there’s one thing you can expect from KRBX, it’s that while we’re proud of where we are, we know there are always possibilities for improvement. There are also new places we can take our broadcast you may not expect.

In 2019, we’ve got plans to bolster our public affairs block with a level of involvement from the community we’ve just begun to tap into. The three workshops funded by the Idaho Humanities Council and similar partnerships are developing because Radio Boise has the potential to respond to the community interest in podcasting and thoughtful media that shapes public discourse. By providing opportunities where individuals can learn the ins and outs of audio production, interviewing, and crafting stories, the possibility for discovery through Radio Boise is limited only by our own capacity. You help create that capacity through your own participation, whether that’s joining in on a workshop or making it possible for others to gain that experience.

At the end of the year, there’s two ways we’d love to hear from you.

We’re asking you to help inform our efforts to expand our offerings of community podcasting workshops and engagement with your input in a brief survey. If you have five minutes to help shape our efforts for 2019, you’ll help ensure we aim continually higher with our ear tuned into the perspectives of those who value independent, freeform radio that’s willing to take chances.

⚡️ Podcast Survey ⚡️

The second way we’d love to hear from you is a show of support for building our capacity. You won’t hear a year-end pledge drive on Radio Boise’s airwaves, but we’d be remiss in not asking for your support as 2019 approaches. Thanks in part to a historic Fall Radiothon, we’re close to our overall fundraising goals for the year despite having to adjust to the expense of a major equipment repair. If you’re excited about creating more firsts on Radio Boise, a year-end gift will help ensure great things from Radio Boise in the year to come.

⚡️ Give a Year End Gift ⚡️

Thanks for being there for community radio, and for making it possible to sustain a media outlet that defies expectations. To all of you who’ve supported KRBX this year through your gifts of time and financial support, we appreciate you being there through thick and thin. Peace to you and yours, and here’s to hope for the coming year.

-Jessica Evett, General Manager

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