Couch Surfer Series: The Trees The Trees, Malia Collins

Radio Boise presents the 2018-2019 Couch Surfer Series, a monthly event featuring talk and performance with writers, artists, and musicians in the Radio Boise studios. Every second Sunday of the month, creators will talk about their craft, perform, and read their work for a live audience.

The season continues Sunday, October 14th. The couch will hold band The Trees The Trees and author Malia Collins.


Beer and wine will be available for purchase with ID and all proceeds benefit KRBX Radio Boise.

Single tickets are $15 and are limited. Doors open at 5:30 PM; the event begins at 6 PM and runs until approx. 8 PM with an intermission at 7 PM.

Season tickets are available for $75 and guarantee your seat at all six performances.

Thanks to Open Table Boise Catering and Bittercreek Alehouse for sponsoring this event!

About band The Trees The Trees:
The Trees The Trees is a Boise band founded by Cameron Olson and Scott Sweet. …But as the legend goes: One day, a great flying orange fish flew above an enchanted forest. He dropped a seed that sprouted into a great pine tree. This tree would grow to become the largest in the wood. A hundred years later this tree birthed a new generation of man. Man born from trees. They would move on to rule the woods, and eventually the world, through sound.

About author Malia Collins:
Malia grew up in Hawaii and after leaving home for the wilds of Wisconsin, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Journalism from Beloit College. She spent a few years traveling and living abroad until going back home to Kailua, Oahu to get her Master’s in Literature at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Collins then moved to Grenoble, France on a Rotary Ambassadorial scholarship to study French Literature at L’Universite Stendhal. It was there that she fell in love with snow and skiing.

Shortly after returning to the U.S., she made a three-day stop in Boise to say hello to her grandparents. That was in 1999 and she’s been here ever since! She lives in Boise with her husband and two children.

Malia has published two Hawaiian children’s books and short stories in a number of literary magazines. Currently, she is working on a guide to Hawaiian Culture as well as a novel. She loves to swim in the ocean, walk Kailua Beach, and hike up Table Rock, particularly at sunrise.

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