Pitch In To Fix The Antenna

man lying on back listening to the radio

Radio Boise’s mission is to be “the voice of Boise and beyond: people-powered radio that inspires, informs, and builds community.”

We provide the Treasure Valley with an eclectic range of music and local cultural topics, which is reflective of the broad spectrum of ages, interests, professions, and histories found not only among our listeners, programmers, volunteers, and staff but within the Treasure Valley community as a whole.

Radio Boise is looking for a special boost of funding on Idaho Gives Day to make critical upgrades to our broadcast equipment and infrastructure in 2018, projects that will require about $25,000 of financial resources outside of our usual operating budget.

On the heels of a successful pledge drive in April, our goal for this statewide giving day is $5000 to go toward immediate equipment needs so we can get back to focusing on our broadcast and our connections within the community.

Your gift will have an immediate impact on independent, community-owned media in the Treasure Valley.

With some damage to our antenna in the Owyhees due to extreme weather in March, Radio Boise is currently operating at a quarter power. We have a plan for repairs to take place in May, and your gift will go toward our immediate rainy day fund needed to bring our signal back up to full power throughout the Treasure Valley. Safeguard Radio Boise’s independence – and your own – by pitching in with your gift.

Your contribution today will improve the quality of our transmission for years to come.

We know that Idaho and its people are worthy of celebration, and Radio Boise provides a platform for connecting with the larger world while honoring our local community. Radio Boise received the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in Arts and History in 2017, and we are very proud of our on-air curation heard worldwide. Support the ongoing work we do in the Treasure Valley, live and in-person, in order to make music, current events, literary and performing arts, and media arts available to everyone in our community.

From everyone at Radio Boise – the staff, 90 volunteer programmers, 400 volunteers, and thousands of listeners – THANK YOU for all you do to support community radio.


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