Antenna Back Up!

Radio Boise’s transmission has been challenged lately.

Good News! We’re back on air, at quarter-power, until the full repair can be done.

Bad weather during Treefort Music Fest brought some broadcast downtime and caused damage to our antenna. We went to the transmitter site with a tower crew and determined the issue was a damaged component inside of our antenna array. We were able to bring the FM signal back online with a quick-fix – knowing we would need to go back soon with a full repair.

Then, with the severe weather Sunday and Thursday night, our tower-patch failed and we were off the air again for the last few days. Our tower crew has been on site getting us up broadcasting again. We’ll provide updates as we’re coming back online fully.

You can listen anytime anywhere on our mobile player. Add it to the homescreen on your mobile device for easy access. You can also find us on Tune-In radio

A shot of our temporary antenna that’s getting us back to quarter-power


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