New Shows & New Times

Show Changes at Radio Boise, Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini

As Radio Boise grows and evolves, our schedule changes now and again. Lately, we’ve had a big swirl of updates that we’d like to bring to your attention.

Show It Goes

Sunday, 6-8pm with DJ Enzo
An unbridled variety of indy, freak folk, americana and features one minimalist cut per show. It’s fun, and educational! Listen

Midway Mix

Wednesday, 12-3pm with rotating djs (Lovely Miss Kate, John Reusser, Mike Markley, Wendy Fox, DJ Drastoon, DJ Lizzy)
Indy mix, featuring the latest releases in electronica and indy with a few college/community radio standards thrown in for good measure. Guaranteed to get you over the halfway mark of your work week. Listen

Dusky Durango’s Caravan

Wednesday, 10pm-12am with Dusky Durango
The eclectic jam continues, nighttime version, with Dusky bringing his lordly musical depth and fun irreverence into slightly more rock/space directions. He promises he’ll still play, ugh, The Dead. Don’t worry, it’s still a great show.

Inner Workings

Friday Morning, 1-3am with Jason Prettyboy 
Sound-shaping sensibilities, with nods to the 80s new wave, plenty of alt-rock, and new stuff that fits into a vibe that tells you a story of how his week has been (hint: usually good).

Forces of Obvious Luck

Thursday, 4-6am with DJ Roin Dig
Bringing the bright morning energy to his skillful blend of soul, R & B and hip hop. Listen

The Dark Futurists

Thursday, 11pm-Friday 1am with DJs Cloud Maker and Dust Man
The brothers spellbind us with their specific blend of psybient, groovy, deep beats and swirling, metaphysical soundscapes, complete with soothsayer mic breaks that adds up to a two-hour journey that spells peace. Listen

The Motor City Matrix

Saturday Morning, 2-4am with DJ Brainscorcher
Spins some of the darker, more hypnotic electronica heard on Radio Boise, with special nods to Berlin and Detroit styles of techno. Listen

Remember, if the hours don’t work for you you can catch all these shows on your schedule at

Photo: Samuele Piccarin

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