Tuned in with Cassie Phippen

Cassie Phippen, Trademark Sign Co

In the past year, you’ve probably noticed Radio Boise’s new logo (or, at least we hope so!); adopting our new branding in 2016 was a fun adventure thanks to our partnership with Trademark Sign Company. We haven’t had the chance to tell you the story of our brand, so we thought it would be fun to do it by chatting with Trademark’s Digital Content Manager, Cassie Phippen, who is on the front lines of bringing our branding to life.  

What’s the story behind Trademark’s branding for Radio Boise?

John Yarnell (Co-Owner) worked alongside Radio Boise to conceptualize an updated identity—one that would be more reflective of Radio Boise’s past, present, and future. Inspired by the eclectic nature of the station and its support for such a wide array of music, it was important to create a logo that had both a modern and retro feel to it. John also created a custom hand-drawn font, symbolic of the home-grown beginnings of the station. The colors resemble those you might find in the sun as it sets behind the Boise foothills.

What is your role at Trademark?

We all wear a lot of hats here at Trademark, which makes working here truly fulfilling. I do a little bit of everything from photography and design work to project management and client relations. Officially, though, my job title is Digital Content Manager. I manage Trademark’s visual aesthetic by creating and overseeing our digital content for our website and various social media channels.

You get to work with a lot of entrepreneurs and change-makers in the Treasure Valley – what are you excited about in terms of young businesses and organizations in our community?

We love helping out our community; one of our biggest passions is working with small or local businesses and organizations and helping them grow. Creating an identity or brand is often the first step in that process. Plus, smaller organizations often give us a lot of creative freedom; as a team full of creatives, that is a dream come true.

When you’re creating branding for a client, what is it about a client that you try to communicate in the imagery you create for them?

An identity should be a direct mirror of your organization or company and its core values. It should feel like a perfectly tailored suit—unique and one-of-a-kind. We have a pretty extensive identity development process in order to find that.

What is it that you appreciate about community radio?

The variety of music and the different DJ personalities is what makes Radio Boise so unique and special to me. It is incredible that the station is primarily volunteer-driven and yet is so prevalent in the community. I enjoy the concerts [at the Neurolux] put on by Radio Boise on Tuesdays. I have been exposed to a lot of great music at these shows and also while I have tuned in to the station.

Where and when do you listen to Radio Boise?

I listen to Radio Boise in the car—primarily, on my way to work or while I’m driving around town. Our office also listens to Radio Boise quite frequently.

Where do you see Radio Boise in 5 years?

I see Radio Boise steadily growing into an even more beloved community organization. They have a tremendously hardworking staff of employees and volunteers and I don’t see Radio Boise slowing down anytime soon.

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