Radio Boise’s Top 10 of 2016


It’s the time of year when Radio Boise DJs are writing up their Top 10 favorite albums of the year to share with all of you, so we thought we’d do the same for all of the other great stuff that happened this year at the station! It was hard to choose just 10, but here’s a shot at it:

10. We’re telling stories! Actually, you’re telling stories – open to anyone and everyone, Wayne Birt and Olivia Weitz began leading two-day audio storytelling intensives for volunteer producers, which we’re calling Radio Boise Radio Races, the products of which have begun to be aired. Listen to pieces created for the November Radio Race and July Radio Race.

9. Radio Boise’s Volunteer and Special Events Coordinator, Elizabeth Corsentino, led her first semester-long media literacy class with Juniors and Seniors in Boise High’s Leadership Class this fall.

8. Grant Olsen, host of It’s Now Right Now, interviewed Jeremy Schmidt of Black Mountain back in June; WHAT ELSE….

7. Too many great in-studio live performances to list! Tommy Emmanuel, Robert Ellis, The Foreign Resort, all of the 12 Treefort bands…

6. Our annual Practice New Year’s Eve Party. ‘Nuff said. Check out photos from our most recent celebration.

5. Our new mobile player which helps you listen to your favorite programming wherever you are. Click to launch.

4. With four new time slots filled, our station is now 85% live DJ-programmed, with the goal of getting to 100%.

3. Our volunteer-led remote team brings live concerts to the Radio Boise airwaves almost every week.

2. We hosted our first Radio Boise Presents concert in November when the Posies came to town to play a house show

1. Individual support for Radio Boise has broken all records this year, raising $116,239 by October 2016 (compared to $103,153 last year)!

You know, it takes a lot to make beautiful moments like these happen. It takes a small, dedicated staff and a huge, passionate corps of volunteers. It takes a lot of equipment and a physical space that can operate 24/7. In fact, this year alone, it takes a little over $300,000, 9 staff members, and 150 volunteers to create all of that magic.  

In 2016 you have proved, yet again, that people-powered radio is an important resource. You’ve shown it through your volunteerism, generosity, and listening. Thank you.

Now we’re asking you to dig deep one last time to help us finish the year strong and start 2017 on steady footing. Please consider making a gift to Radio Boise through our GiveBig campaign. We are aiming to raise $15,000 by December 30th – help us meet this goal by giving your gift to Radio Boise today.

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