Tuned In…with Valerie Hayes

Valerie Hays, Volunteer

Radio Boise is so lucky to count Valerie Hayes as one of our true-blue volunteers.

From representing the station at events to working the phones during Radiothon, Valerie demonstrates her super-volunteer skills regularly. Here she lets us in on why she chooses to spend her free time with the station…

When did you catch the community radio bug?

I have been an listener of Radio Boise since I first stumbled across them one day. I didnโ€™t listen to radio very often, but was flipping through stations one day and I heard a song I loved (I canโ€™t even remember which one) that I was shocked to hear on the radio. I started tuning in regularly, impressed by the variety of music and personality of the volunteer DJs and also stoked that the station is commercial-free.

What is it that you appreciate about community radio?

As a listener, I appreciate the variety of music I’m exposed to listening to Radio Boise. I like to tell people, โ€œI don’t care what kind of music you like, there’s a show for you on Radio Boise.โ€ The Spinitron feature on radioboise.us makes it super easy for me to track down those songs I hear and need to hear again, and the archive allows me to catch up on shows that play when I am unable to listen to them live.

As a community member, I appreciate how Radio Boise provides a forum for the community that would otherwise be unavailable. I appreciate all of the volunteers that go into this organization. It’s empowering to see so many amazing people donating their time to maintain commercial-free, free-form media here in the Treasure Valley.

What do you like most about Radio Boise?

Honestly, the people. I’ve been volunteering with the station since 2013 and I have made so many friendships. It’s easy to collaborate with people when you have the common interest of expanding media opportunity.

Where and when do you listen to Radio Boise?

I listen to Radio Boise at work almost daily. I listen to it when I’m at home when I can and I often use the Radio Free America app to listen when I’m commuting.

If you could go backstage for any artistโ€™s show, who would it be and why?

Faith No More. I’ve been a Mike Patton fan since I was a preteen and now that they’re back on tour, I’d love to just tell him so.

Where do you see Radio Boise in 5 years?

Even more vibrant in our community. Every event I work, I engage with a larger population of people have heard of the station, listen to it, and love it.

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