Stray Theater’s First Radio Play

“7 Keys to Baldpate” was recorded in the Radio Boise studios and performed by the Playhouse Performers of Boise’s Playhouse Events and Dinner Theatre ( Produced by Wayne Birt, Engineered by Speedy Grey.

This mysterious melodrama, written in 1913 by George M. Cohan, will air in four episodes over the next four weeks. Following the series, we’ll post the series in its entirety on Soundcloud.

Stray Theater (Sundays 5:30-6pm) is a little bit of everything — literary readings in the community, excerpts of public talks, interviews with performers and full-blown radio dramas performed by local theater troupes in the Radio Boise studio.

That’s Stray Theater: Odds and ends and events of cultural significance with the focus on the community.

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