Community Calendar Submission Guidelines

Radio Boise Community Calendar Guidelines

Our community calendar is intended to serve listeners in the broadcast signal area of KRBX or near to it. They include: 15 miles north of Mountain Home to Baker City, Oregon in the west; 45 miles north of Jordan Valley, OR, to the Boise front and just beyond; and all the attendant Treasure Valley contour.

Now and then, KRBX will produce a recorded PSA from community calendar information. These, however, are done on a random basis as time permits. If you are interested in having a PSA that meets the following requirements produced by KRBX, please contact our Underwriting Representative, Jan Lindner, at

Submissions for the community calendar can include

  • Events associated with qualified nonprofits registered with the Idaho Secretary of State.
  • Music (for club entertainment or concerts, see the Go Listen Boise Calendar at, dance, theatre, suppers, workshops, etc.
  • Art receptions (not exhibits).
  • Free films/films with educational value, community involvement, and/or are affiliated with a non-profit fundraiser.
  • Crafts fairs/ Farmer’s markets that are not recurring, weekly events.
  • Celebrations of diversity or rallies that align with Radio Boise’s core principles of inclusiveness and positive social discourse.
  • Town/City celebrations, particularly those commemorative and historical in nature.
  • Fundraisers for families or individuals in need that are events and contain a tangible entertainment element (music, performance, art auctions, etc.)
  • Public hearings.
  • Free workshops and classes, if skill-centered, educational and not promotional in nature.
  • Events in the broadcast area affiliated with national or regional nonprofits will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Submissions for the community calendar cannot include

  • Events that are sent less than two weeks of when they are happening.
  • Worship services/any denomination/religion.
  • Events that are out of the signal area.
  • Art exhibits that are ongoing.
  • General films at a movie theatre.
  • Sales by individual individuals/businesses (for-profit art sales, business ribbon-cutting ceremonies, yard sales, etc.)
  • Virtual fundraisers and crowdfunding campaigns.
  • Paid events hosted by a for-profit, with “net proceeds” going to a non-profit, which, by Federal Communication Regulations, are “promotional” in nature and therein expressedly prohibited for community calendars and PSAs (said events can be underwriting, however).

Directions for Submission

All items should be sent to and must include date, time, location, event name, name of non-profit, and contact number or email which can be used in calendar listing. Press releases, if including all the above information, are allowed.

All submissions will be reviewed and approved by KRBX before being made available for broadcast. KRBX reserves the right to edit submissions for space and language considerations. KRBX also reserves the right to deny any calendar submissions which seem overly promotional, not non-profit in nature, or, in their inherent essence, do not appear to adhere to Radio Boise’s core principles of fairness, diversity, and the community good of broader discourse.


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