What’s New For 2014?

Listen to Jeff Abrams, Station Manager, and Wayne Birt, Program Director at RadioBoise describe how our 2014 Schedule will be changed – and hopefully for the better. Thanks for listening.

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Strange Feeling moves to Noon to Three
Syndicated Public Affairs begins at 3pm
The Juke Joint moves to 5pm to 8pm


The Rapture moves to Noon to Three
Building a Greener Idaho moves to 3pm
The John Macaroy Show moves to 5pm to 7pm
Range Life moves to 7pm to 10pm


Dusky Durango’s Caravan moves to Noon to Three
Elemental Idaho moves to 3pm from Mondays
Explorations moves to 5pm to 7pm
It’s Now Right Now moves to 7pm to 10pm


Mothers’ Ruin moves to Noon to Three
Boise Real Estate Radio moves to 3pm from Fridays
Stardust Lounge moves to 5pm to 7pm
The Wreck moves to 7pm to 9m
Glitch in the System moves to 9pm to 11pm
Bangers and Mashups moves to 11pm to 1am


Idle Afternoons moves to Noon to 2pm
Talk Dirt to Me moves to 2pm from Wednesdays
The Radio Boise Live Music Hour debuts at 4pm
For Good or For Awesome moves to 5pm to 8pm


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