Launch Week Continues

Thanks to everyone who came out for our Air-Check party at Red Feather. It was a great turn out and excellent opportunity for everyone to show their support. Thanks to all the musicians and our wonderful hosts at Red Feather.

More events to come this week:
Our public ribbon-cutting and official “countdown-to-launch” party is at our beautiful new studio – 1020 W. Main Street, downstairs – on Thursday, April 21st @ 12:30 pm. This, of course, will be FREE to one and all!!!

The grand finale will be a concert with all the trimmings at the Egyptian Theater, downtown on Friday night, April 22nd! The show will feature performances by the artists of A Rising Tide, a concert series established by local musicians including Bill Coffey, Steve Fulton Music, New Transit, Low-Fi, Audio Moonshine, Randy Meenach, Matt Hopper, Shipshape, a.k.a. Belle, Finn Riggins, Thomas Paul and Sherpa (TICKETS HERE).

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Kickstarter campaign. You really made a difference in helping us complete our new studio.

And just a quick update on the technical details of our launch status: Things are going really well thanks to the countless hours of volunteers wiring, painting, software installing and configuring, etc. The current program test broadcast on 89.9 FM is part of the FCC launch process. We want to comply 100% with the regulations and ensure a quality signal. To do that we have to run tests and verify that all the equipment is set up properly to meet all the requirements. Ahead of us is some configuration of the automation system, and other technical tasks. Thanks for any feedback you can give about what you are hearing.

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