Community Partners

BCR is committed to developing and sustaining civic relationships. This has been evidenced in our ability to engage a widely diverse group of community organizations and individuals that have provided feedback for programming principles and evaluation of BCR’s project goals.

Already, dozens of diverse organizations, individuals, and businesses have contributed to initial success and momentum of BCR. These groups seek to expand awareness of issues such as: freedom of speech, cultural identity, arts and humanities, public health, environment, disability awareness, social welfare, women’s issues, and public governance.

The following individuals and organizations have provided formal endorsements of BCR:

American Civil Liberties Union of Idaho, Mr. Rick Ardinger – Idaho Humanities Council, Betsy Dunklin, Idaho Nurses Association, Idaho Peace Coalition, Idaho Rivers United, Idaho State Independent Living Council, Idaho Smart Growth, Idaho Womens’ Network, Mr. Paul Shaffer – The Cabin, Office of the Mayor of Nampa, Dr. Ed McLuskie – Professor, Boise State University Communications Department, Dr. Mary E. Rohlfing, PhD – Professor, Boise State University Communications Department, Representative Anne Pasley-Stuart, Former Representative Ken Robison, Snake River Alliance, Women of Color Alliance, Diane Ronayne, Mr. John Hess – General Manager, Boise State Radio, Mr. Dave Bieter – Mayor of Boise, Mr. Paul Woods – Ada County Commissioner, Ms Gail Heylmun – Fund for Idaho, Mrs. Mary Jane Oatman-Wak Wak – Executive Director – Idaho Indian Education Committee – Idaho Dept. of Education, Ms Rowena E. Pineda – Executive Director – Idaho Community Action Network, Mr. Anthony Haws – executive Director – Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho, Mr. Jan Reeves – Idaho Office for Refugees, Mr. Jim Hansen – Executive Director – United Vision for Idaho, Mr. Phillip Kushlan – CCDC

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