Music Attribution

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Radio Boise would like to acknowledge these fine artists for the generous use of their music under our various projects. All the below music has been approved utilizing a Creative Commons CC BY, or CC BY SA license or by Artist Permission.

5555 – Endless Love
Airtone – H2O Instrumental
Ana Lete (various songs)
Blank Kytt – Flava
Bruce Michael Miller – Everywhere
Bruce Michael Miller – Pavlov’s Dog
Cdk-Sunday – Analog By Nature
Chris Haugen – Campfire Song
Dan Lebowitz – Parkside
Daniel Burch – The Delicate Brutalist
Diamond Ortiz – 8 Year Anniversary
Doctor Turtle – Today’s Special Jam Tomorrow
DoKashiteru – Home Tonight
Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions – Da Funky Rapsta
Even Schaeffer – Blink
Even Schaeffer – Glimmer
Iamlamprey – colour
Iamlamprey – Easy Street
Ian Sutherland – Remain
Jack Lloyd Gish – Sugar in My Coffee
Jason Shaw – Tennessee Hayride
Jens East – Night Rise
Jeris – Home Is Like A River
Jesse Spillane – Call for Surrender
Jesse Spillane – Molten Snow
Jesse Spillane – Rocket Dance
Jesse Spillane – Shoe Gaze
Jesse Spillane – Sinking Feeling
Kevin MacLeod – Acid Jazz
Kevin McLeod – Faster Does It
Kevin McLeod – Hustle
Kevin McLeod – If I Had a Chicken
Kevin McLeod – Slow Burn
Lee Rosevere – We Don’t Know How It Ends
Legacy – The Love is Fuel Story
Mise Darling – No One
Nctrnm – Render Me
Normcore – Back Row Kids
Quincas Moreira – Redwood
Renegade Jubilee – The Other
Revoluton Void – Three Tenants
Roberto Billi – Lo Smemorato
Speedy Gray – Hawthorne
Speedy Gray – Hawthorne 1
Speedy Gray – Indie Bed
Tastenspieler – La Madeline au Truffe
Tastenspieler – RTC @ Ppi – Soundz
texasradiofish – Funk Change
texasradiofish – It Just Might Be
The Doppler Effect – The Big Band
The Freeharmonic Orchestra – Bogey
The Freeharmonic Orchestra – Skeptics
The Good Lawtz – Ground Cayenne